Last year, we gave our predictions for the standout smart home trends for 2021. We predicted a rise in the home office meaning an increase in the need for reliable networks, an increase in touch less and remote technology, and a surge in demand for high spec audio systems.

Now, approximately one year on, we’re once again looking into the future and predicting what smart technology we think will be taking over your homes in 2022…

security system control4

Increased Security and Access Control

We’ve already seen an increase in security and access in 2021, and we expect this to continue through 2022. Security and access control systems that combine lighting, alarms and closed-circuit video management will become even more prevalent as people look for ways to continue to fully integrate their automation throughout their home.


Energy Efficiency

2022 will see more of a move towards sustainable lighting solutions. This will involve lighting systems that alter light intensity based on room conditions. We’ll see more of an increase in lights that react to natural circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock that signals when to be alert and when to rest. Smart lighting can benefit the body and the environment by altering lighting to be darker depending on the time of day and season. We’ll also see an increase in occupancy sensors that can switch lighting and heating off automatically when a room is empty, or that users can switch these on and off remotely from their smart phones, watches or tablets. This technology already exists, but we expect it to be even more popular in 2022, with an increased interest from consumers and businesses about how they can make their lighting choices more sustainable. To find out more about sustainable lighting, check out our post with Lighting of London.


Health Management

The last couple of years have made a huge impact on how seriously we take our health. It’s only natural that this increased awareness will shift to the home, and we’re expecting a big rise in the number of health management technology placed within properties in 2022. Temperature monitoring systems within the home, as well as improved exercise equipment that can track body changes and provide diet and guidance plans will become increasingly commonplace.


AI Advancements

AI is one of the fastest advancing industries at the moment, so naturally, we can expect to see these advancements enter our homes. We will be increasingly familiar with the concept of a ‘metaverse’- persistent digital worlds that exist in parallel with the physical world we live in. This means technology could start to carry out many of the functions we’re used to doing in the real world, such as working or socialising. Since many individuals are now working from on a permanent basis, we could see AI in the advancements of the virtual office.


Home Office Automation

Speaking of the home office, we can expect further advancements within home working as we enter 2022. This means that home offices with smart devices like noise-cancelling windows and built-in air filtration systems are likely to become more popular. We’ll also see an increase in offices and spaces being used as remote classrooms and study areas to cater for virtual classes- with the technology installed to reflect this.

home office

Smart Grid Technology

Going off-grid is one of the most important smart home trends that will continue to stay. This goes hand in hand with an increased interest in sustainability- with systems that offer a number of benefits for smart homes. Energy efficiency, controlled power storage, remote control devices and more will enable a smart home to efficiently operate in the off-grid mode and have all electricity needs met in case of an outage or emergency. This allows the smart home to constantly work off-grid and effectively reduce its carbon footprint. Going forward, smart homes are likely to be able to handle these operations with minimal human involvement.


High-speed Connections

With home working and an increasing rise in the need for advanced technology, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see a demand for high speed, reliable networks. Access points and network switches will become even more in demand, to ensue all integrated appliances will always have access to the internet.


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