Ubiquiti is a system of wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras and controller Voip phones.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points provide high quality enhancement for networks across homes and businesses. Carrier-class performance and unlimited scalability mean that you can create a reliable, wireless network either in and around the home or office.


Unifi AC Access Points

One of the more popular products that we recommend at Cerebrum- Unifi AC Access Points provide powerful network coverage, featuring up to 5x faster speeds to support high-density Wi-Fi networks. They deliver throughput needed for bandwidth-intensive applications, meaning you can stream HD videos, interactive online gaming, and access cloud services with no connection or speed issues. The access points are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, meaning you don’t need to compromise on connection speeds anywhere in your home.

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UniFi Dream Wall


The UniFi Dream Wall features an all-in-one internet gateway, WiFi access point, and UniFi Console with an adbundance of PoE ports.

The wall-mounted UniFi OS Console serves as a standalone, space-saving deployment hosting solution. Each console is equipped with a variety of multi-gigabit WAN/LAN ports to support high connectivity, along with GbE RJ45 ports that PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ output. It’s wealth of features also includes a dedicated Bluetooth management radio, 1.3” LCM colour touchscreen, 128GB integrated storage, and a Micro SD memory card expansion. 

UniFi Dream Machine Pro

The Dream Machine For is an all-in-one network appliance, ideal for a scalable network in residencies, office, retail and hospitality spaces. Powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the Dream Machine combines multiple functions into a single device- including security, routing, and network management capabilities. 

UniFi Pro Network Switches

The Ubiquiti UniFi Pro switches are a range of full managed, Po + Gigabit switches, that deliver robust performance and intelligent switching. 

UniFi WiFi 6 In Wall Access Points &

Pro Access Points


The UniFi Wifi 6 Access Points are powerful Access Points leveraging advanced WiFi 6 technology to provide powerful wireless coverage throughout your home or office space. Access Points can reach an aggregate throughput rate up to 3 Gbps with its 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. They also have sideways, down-tilted antenna to expand their coverage areas.

 Management is also easy with the UniFi controller or UniFi Network app, which allows for streamlined set up and configuration.

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