Control4 Core

Core is the processor for personalised automation experiences. Core is the instrument behind Ryff’s high-resolution audio, the communication server for Intercom anywhere, and the secured portal for remote=connections, notifications and alerts through 4Sight. An addition to being the OvrC Hub for network management, CORE is also the engine for Control4’s Intelligent Platform. 


CORE1 delivers an intuitive and responsible 4K OnScreen user interface with the ability to create and enhance the entertainment experience for any TV in the home. CORE 1 can orchestrate a wide range of entertainment devices, network-connected devices, and includes wireless Zigbee control for remotes, lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more. Powered by Ryff, CORE 1 provides 1 dedicated high-resolution audio output with an optional 2nd stream through HDMI


CORE 3 is the fusion of multi-room, high resolution audio and smart instalment automation for mid-size projects. Fuelled by a next-generation multi-core processor, CORE 3 delivers a new level of speed and performance for instantaneous, interactive access and control for all features and functions of the system. Powered by Ryff, CORE 3 also provides 3 dedicated high-resolution audio outputs with an optional 4th stream through HDMI with its 4K OnScreen user interface.


CORE 5 delivers the ultimate experience for intelligent systems, featuring the highest-quality audio of the Control4 CORE series and processing power to coordinate hundreds of smart devices.

CORE 5 can automate sophisticated home theatre’s and processor-intensive commercial deployments; while monitoring and managing the network; coordinating complex interior and exterior communication systems, lighting scenes and colour scenes, and climate controls; populating large numbers of touchscreens and its own 4K OnScreen menu; and executing programming whether triggered or scheduled, and delivering personalized automated scenes.

Powered by Ryff, CORE 5 also provides 6 dedicated high-resolution audio outputs with an optional 7th stream through HDMI, which allows customers to listen to their own music library, and stream from a variety of leading music services.



This new update gives you a fresh new interface & more than a thousand enhancements. You can personalise and organise your smart home OS with favorite rooms, devices, and scenes and organize them to your liking.

With swipes and taps, quickly and easily navigate and control your smart home. You can even add customised wallpaper backgrounds in each of the rooms to make them more distinct or to match your interior décor.

Control4 also allows users to control their lighting, heating, media and security through the Control4 app, allowing for remote access and further ease of use. 

Halo Remote

The newest remote from Control4, the Halo remote features a brand new interface for improved user experience and intuitive use. The backlit buttons provide tactile feedback, whilst the voice button for push-to-talk functionality works with Siri and Xfinity voice controls for further ease of use. The Halo remote also features improved Wifi connectivity, updated battery configuration and monitoring, and consumer-orientated Halo setup Wizard so you can get the most out of your system. 




In 2020 Control4 launched the first video doorbell designed to work in conjunction with the Control4 smart home. The doorbell allows homeowners to see who is at their door, whether they are at home or not. Users can also talk to visitors at the front door using the Control4 app or touchscreen while controlling any smart home application.

Features of Chime include a 5 mega-pixel camera with two-way audio, a 180-degree field view with night mode and IR LEDS, and a history view with event and video playback. It’s available in PoE and Wifi versions, and it currently comes in a sleek satin nickel finish, with black expected to launch later in 2021.

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