KNX- Control your entire system seamlessly

KNX is a control system that allows products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together- from lighting and blinds to HVAC, audio-visual and security. An international industry standard, choosing KNX means that your home with be future-proof for years to come. A leading product in the future of AV, all systems communicate with each other and are fully connected, for true smart home integration.

Connecting all KNX’s systems mean that there are reduced site installation times and costs, less cabling and wastage. As the system is fully integrated, only one contractor is required for the complete install and subsequent maintenance.

KNX is the world’s first open standard for control of all types of intelligent buildings.


Ekinex is a KNX product that allows for full automation throughout your home with the use of simple, elegant push button keypads.

Like every KNX product, the Ekinex bus devices have an electronic core that allows for total control when it comes to both home automation and communication with other devices throughout the home. This enables it to receive and send information to and from other devices, as well as the ability to store information.

Ekinex push buttons have large rockers making them easy to use. The products are completely customisable, so you can add symbols or words to make controlling them simpler than ever before. The LEDS integrated within the device allow for ease of use in low light conditions, and give a clear indication of the switching state between rockers.

Additionally, design can be completely unique to you with multiple choices of finish. Ekinex currently supplies many different types of keypad, in finishes ranging from Nickel or Brass to Fenix or Plastic.


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