Protect G4 Pro Camera

One of the most common cameras we use, the UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera is UniFi Video Compatible and is able to capture every detail. It has a large 1/2” image sensor, 3 x power optical zoom lens, and integrated high power infrared LEDs for night vision.


G4 Instant Camera

The G4 Instant captures sharp 2K HD video over dual-band WiFi, and is equipped with a built in speaker and microphone to deliver two-way audio. It’s also equipped with IR LEFS to boost nighttime image clarity and weatherproof, enhancing its outdoor durability and tamper resistance. 



AI Theta Camera

The UniFi Protect Camera AI Theta is a security camera system designed for interior design professionals. With an 8 MP wide-angle lens for wall-mounted applications, and a 12 MP fisheye 360 degree lends for ceiling applications, the camera also includes two-way audio and a colour LCM display. 

Protect G4 PTZ Camera 

The UniFi Protect G4 PTZ is a surveillance camera often used for shopping centres, airports, train stations and other busy, public areas. It’s advanced optical and video technologies along with its ease of use makes it a great solution for demanding environments. It also comes with IP66 weatherproof casing and flexible powering options. 



Access Reader G2 Pro 

The UniFi Access Read G2 Pro is a cutting edge control solution that unlocks doors effortlessly using an NFC card or the UniFi mobile app. The built-in doorbell features a two-way intercom system with a video feed, ensuring clear communication and ADA-compliant visibility. 

You can also connect to the UniFi Access Hub using PoE, eliminating the need for additional power supplies. The Access Read is also rain resistant and capable of operating in temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees C, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 


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