At Cerebrum Systems, we know that every once in a while, everyone likes to sit back and relax on their sofas and allow themselves to be fully immersed in a movie or TV series. There’s something enchanting about having the lights down low and being comfortable on the couch that allows a temporary disconnection from the outside world.

Home Cinema

We explore the options of creating and installing a Home Cinema experience in your home. Have your favourite film projected in 4K, with the highest quality sound that keeps you at the centre of the action.

Media Room

If you want a room that’s more multi-functional, a media room can be an excellent option. A media room allows you to enjoy all of your favourite shows with increased quality of image and sound. Media rooms can be as simple or complex as you would like- and perfectly tailored to suit your budget.

Cinema and Media Room Renders

Using the floor plans from a property, we can produce a detailed cinema or media room render to showcase the exact dimensions and kit required to create the ideal space.

This allows you to see exactly what your cinema room is going to look like, as well as the precise placement of speakers, dimensions, and how the specification fits with your interior design style.

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