Lutron- Lighting and Blind Control


Bringing together the best in dimming technology, window coverings and fixtures, the newest generation of HomeWorks creates beautiful light throughout your home.

Combining sophisticated, intuitive controls, you can create the perfect scene with a single button press. HomeWorks also allows for refined daylight control, with quiet automated blinds that work at the touch of a button or through a personalised schedule. You can also control lights, blinds, and temperature from your phone when you are away- so you can always keep an eye on your home.

RA2 Select

Retrofit the Lutron RA2 Select into any room in the home. Simple scene setting in each room will create different moods within the house- whether you are cooking, getting ready to sit down and watch a film, or entertaining friends and family. There is a scene for every occasion.

With Lutron’s RA2 Select Bridge, you can connect the system to your smart device and control your home remotely. With ‘Geofencing’ enables, the lighting can be set to turn on when you are on your way home by tracking your distance and turn on your porch or driveway lighting.

Lutron Keypads


Lutron offers a wide variety keypads in a range of colours, styles, finishes, and functions, to help you create an environment that reflects your unique sense of design. Each keypad can be made bespoke to suit your needs and design taste.

Alisse Wall Control

The Alisse wall control combines cutting-edge technology and timeless design to create a system that is intuitive and completely personalised to your needs.

Handcrafted with a sleek architectural design, each keypad is tailor-made to suit you, from configurations to custom engraving for personalised lighting control.

Choose from a broad range of finishes and button configurations to compliment the design of your home. 

Palladiom Wall Control

Combining subtle elegance with architectural design, the Palladiom keypad allows the control of lights, blinds/drapes and HVAC from one location- allowing for ease of use. With a broad range of finishes and custom etching available, the Palladiom keypad can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and the design of your home. 

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