Access Control

Ubiquiti UniFi Access is a state-of-the-art control system, offering the convenience of the UniFi Access Controller to remotely manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies. 


Access Reader G2 Professional

The Access Reader G2 Professional features a range of state of the art features, including-

-Doorbell for unlock with video of visitor and two-way intercom

-PIN unlocking on the screen

-Unlocking using an NFC card or UniFi Identity mobile app

-Connecting to UniFi Access Hub using PoE

-Rain resistance and temperature resistance from -10 to 40 degrees


Access Reader Professional

The Access Reader Pro is a premium NFC and Bluetooth reader with sharp touchscreen display and high resolution camera. It’s key features include—

-Premium NFC and Bluetooth reader

-802.3af PoE powered by UniFi Access Hub

-Advanced NFC credentials, including MIFARE DESFire

-High resolution touchscreen and integrated camera

-Built-in security element chip

-For the best NFC security, use with our UA-Card

-Mobile access with app (future software release)

-Intercom call functionality to request entry (future software release)



UniFi Access Hub

The Access Hub allows you to seamlessly integrate Access Readers, Protect Cameras, and sensors for an easy entry experience. 

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